Exo Terra Reptile Vivariums

Exo Terra vivariums are only one of the vivarium products available on the market. There are a number of manufacturers offering vivariums and terrariums. There are also plenty of reasons why you might choose one over the other. We will look at the Exo Terra vivarium to help you decide if this is the product for you.

First, all Exo Terra vivariums were designed by European herpetologists. They have front access for both maintenance and feeding ease. Unlike an aquarium the Exo Terra tank has two glass doors on the front of the vivarium that open out. A tank lock is required to keep the doors shut and your pet from escaping.

Exo Terra vivariums can be used for reptiles or amphibians due to its construction. Exo Terra has two types of vivariums: those for rainforests and those for deserts. The rainforest vivariums tend to be taller than those for the desert. In fact the desert terrariums will be wider. The construction is based on the type of reptile being housed. Desert reptiles are not used to having a lot to climb on. Instead they use rocks to bask in the warm sun and to hide under. In a rainforest reptiles are often found in the trees curled around branches and other objects. More plant life is also found in the rainforest, which means more space is required in rainforest vivariums.

The vivariums will have glass bottoms, sides, doors, and back. However, the top is actually a mesh construction. It will provide easy access for decorating and cleaning. It is also handy for ventilation and UVB lighting. Since your pet’s home will require lighting options you can place lamps and other lighting objects over the mesh to shine into the vivarium. Also as part of the cover are five closable wire or tube inlets. These inlets allow you to install heat lamps, heat wave rocks, waterfalls, sensors and other equipment.

The glass is sturdy on the bottom of the tank for any type of heater you wish to have. You can do a ground heater inside the tank that goes under the substrate or have the heater running along the outside of the bottom. Here are a few of the options in Exo Terra vivariums that you have:

• PT2600 30x30x30cm
• PT2602 30x30x45cm
• PT2605 45x45x45cm
• PT2614 90x45x60cm

As you can see the various terrariums have different dimensions to make them hospitable to your home and your pet reptile. Furthermore, Exo Terra has vivarium cabinets. You can purchase just the tank or you can go the extra mile to get a cabinet. The cabinet will allow you to store your reptile supplies handily near your pet.

Exo Terra has starter kits you can purchase that include the tank, substrate, background, and other reptile products. These starter kits can save you money by providing you with everything you need, but the tanks will be limited in size, so you may still want to consider purchasing the Exo Terra vivarium separately from other products.


Exo Terra Vivarium

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