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Providing the best home for your pet reptile is something you should want to do. You have plenty of choices in what products you can offer your pet, but knowing which ones are the best can be more difficult. Exo Terra is one company that offers a number of different products for pet reptiles. We are going to look at what Exo Terra Reptile products are out there. Exo Terra is one of the best companies out there with a range of products. Their list of items can be broken down by category. We will list these categories for you and then delve into what each one may offer you and your pet reptile.

• Vivariums
• Lighting
• Fixtures
• Heating
• Monitoring
• Feeding Tools
• Hide-Outs
• Plants
• Substrates
• Watering Tools
• Care
• Nutrition

In vivariums you will find the needed housing your pet requires. Vivariums are cages such as aquarium style tanks that your pet can live in. They allow for rainforest or desert reptiles to live quite comfortably like their natural habitat. There are front locking doors of glass, which allow you easy access to the pet inside. The top of the vivariums are also vented to make it easier for your pet to breathe and get the light they need. Exo Terra vivariums are glass rather than wood or plastic.

Lighting and fixtures can go hand in hand as Exo Terra reptile products. You will need the proper fixtures to house lights for your pet. You have UV, Fluorescent, and Halogen bulbs. You may even want to have a couple of these products: one light for a heat lamp and the rest to help regulate day and night, as well as the heat. Some of the UV lamps are actually for heat rather than light.

Heating options within Exo Terra Reptile products include the heat wave desert, heat wave lamp, heat wave rainforest, heat glo, heat wave rock, and heat cable. The desert, rainforest, and heat cable are all for heating the entire tank. The other options are for basking reptiles that require extra heat. If you have heat you also need a way to regulate it like monitoring devices. Temperature, humidity, and combined options are available. You can also purchase an Exo Terra thermometer to at least know what the temperature is inside the vivarium.

Feeding and Watering tools come in various sizes as part of the Exo Terra reptile products. You have feeders, accessories for feeding, and then regular dishes that you can place dry food or dead food into for your reptile.

Hide- outs, plants, and substrates are all decorations. They will not only add to the vivariums appearances, but be useful to your pet. Pet reptiles like to hide, climb, and burrow so offering these decorations is essential. Any additional options like cleaning the vivarium and nutrition Exo Terra reptile products will also help keep your pet healthy and happy in their vivarium. All of these products are healthy and safe for your pet.

Exo Terra

The EXO Terra Vivariums are designed by Hagen Company. The sizes of these exo terra vivariums vary but you are sure to find the right size exo terra vivarium within this site.

EXO Heat wave is the latest desert vivarium heater, which warms up your pet from a under tank heating pad. You can keep your pet warm during night hours even if you turn off the lights.

You can mount the under tank heater on the wall of your exo terra vivarium, which helps to regulate the temperature, which is essential for your pet’s metabolism system, activities, appetite, and digestion.

This is a safe thermo that distributes heat evenly and has an ultra flat and thin feature. If you have a desert terrarium this is a great choice.

There is a conductive heating source for your pet whether it is an arachnid or reptile. Like the desert which substrates high temperature and simulates the sand beds from the sun as the day progresses the sun force spawn extremely hot heat. The substrate causes dryness, which will not intensify the air humidity we see in steamy areas or rainforests. The thermostat produces similar or the same results, yet it safely creates the conditions in the vivarium.

If you have a pet that dwells at the underside of your exo terra vivarium this is a good choice. This model is also suitable for tree bed reptiles depending on how you mount it.

EXO Terra makes the Rainforest Terrariums, Desert Terrariums, and the Glass Terrariums. Glass terrariums are great choices for amphibian or reptiles. The front door opens, which makes it easier for you to feed your specie.

There is a unique lock on the exo terra vivarium tanks to prevent the species from escaping. The glass doors open unconnectedly. There is an all-inclusive screen top which is ventilated, which enables UVB and the infrared penetration. You have easy cleaning solutions, since the components can be removed.

At the back of the screen cover on these exo terra vivariums there are a few wires that close or you have tube inlets for both sides, which allow you to install cascades of waterfalls, heat wave rocks, sensors, or other elements. At the lower section there is a plate, which allows you to raise the mount so that you can add a substrate heater.

The exo terra vivarium desert tanks are elegantly designed, which you can add a choice of background. It is easy to cut a background to fit in your tank. If you add the right backdrop you can create a manifold of dimensional habitats for your pet. This is ideal for pet owners who own reptiles that climb.

EXO Terra vivariums offer a choice of vivarium for your convenience. You will find most of the exo terra vivarium range right here on this site. There are some wooden Vivariums available, which come in oak, cherry, and other styles. Most of these exo terra Vivariums have glass doors that open so that you have easy access to your pet. The enclosures are nicely designed so that your pet cannot escape his habitat.


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